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CPU Bus Units handle special I/O and communications needs to achieve advanced position control, motion control, and network communications.

Masters List

There are 4 products of Masters.

CPM2C-S1[]0C CPU Units with CompoBus/S Master CPM2C-S1[]0C

Ultra-compact, Thin-profile CPM2C CPU Unit with CompoBus/S Master Offering High-speed Bus Communications with No Complicated Wiring

SRM1-C01 / C02-V2 Master Control Units (S-Controllers) SRM1-C01 / C02-V2

Subminiature, Stand-alone Model with CompoBus/S Master and SYSMAC Controller Functions

CS1W-SRM21 CS-series CompoBus/S Master Unit CS1W-SRM21

CompoBus/S is a high-speed I/O bus

CJ1W-SRM21 CJ-series CompoBus/S Master Unit CJ1W-SRM21

CompoBus/S is a high-speed I/O bus