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OMRON Electronics Oceania Corporate Information

"At work for a better life, a better world for all"
At Omron, we deal with our customers on the basis of a trusting relationship. As a world leader in automation control we have a broad capacity to provide systems and solutions using a diverse range of products and components. The Oceania region covers a vast distance incorporating Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the islands of the South Pacific.


OMRON Asia Pacific

Sensing and Control Components

From micro-relays to advanced sensors, Omron Asia Pacific's Industrial Business Group offers the industry's most complete line of advanced, high-quality products to meet the needs of its customers. These products can be found in both consumer products and commercial applications. Omron relays and switches play an important role in the operation of household appliances, automobiles and machinery. Temperature control devices ensure the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning devices as well as monitor annealing ovens on manufacturing lines. Sensors and programmable controllers automate control on manufacturing lines. For all these products, Omron works with customers to create effective, cost-efficient solutions.
"Innovation is a key operational function at Omron"

Advanced Automation Solutions

The Industrial Business Group uniquely combines its full range of control components with the application know how and support necessary to build and maintain sophisticated automation systems. In manufacturing, benefits span all facets of the production process, including inventory and production control, communication networks, discrete manufacturing, quality control and integration, plant wide management and distributed information and control systems. From advanced products like machine vision systems to innovative fuzzy logic based temperature control, Omron supplies a wealth of technology and experience to factories in the Asia Pacific region and throughout the world.
Omron is also dedicated to meeting automation needs outside the manufacturing industry. In fields such as building control, waste management and automated baggage distribution in airports, Omron works closely with customers to create advanced automation systems.

Stocks and Logistics

Our central warehouse in Sydney, which stocks over 1,000 products, is governed by a rigorous supply chain management system. This means that our efficient and capable logistics Officers are working hard to ensure that you receive your order quickly, keeping you informed of its delivery time along the way. Often stock items are available for next-day delivery - if not, it is reassuring to know that OMRON products are air-freighted direct from the factory.

Technical Literature Support

Because product specifications differ from country to country OMRON Australia produces a large majority of literature locally. You may already have received our General Catalogue which contains over 1,400 pages of technical data on our products; this data has been reviewed and meticulously checked to ensure that you have all the information at hand to complete the necessary job. The Australian Head Office in Sydney stocks many thousands of technical brochures and catalogues and our master file contains over 550 separate items. To access any of them, simply contact your local OMRON Distributor or Sales Center. Our technical literature is complete, free and easily available.

Achieving ISO14001 Certification

Recognizing that achieving ISO 14001 certification is a passport to becoming a global and "green" corporation, OMRON sees the certification as a manifestation of its environmental management attitude toward promoting continuous reductions in environmental burden. To-date, ISO 14001 certification has been achieved at all of OMRON's 30 manufacturing sites.