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Application Solutions

Omron provides innovative solutions for various industries.

You may select the applications that you are looking for by industry, work and process or product category. And with the Application Selector, you can define your search further by simply selecting the requirements that fit your needs.

You can also look for application solutions by entering your keywords in the search box below.

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10 Pickup Applications

  Detects the Amount of Dust Expelled
K3HB-X Process Indicator
  Inspect Glue Application for Water Jacket
FZ3-UGI/FZ3-UGIH Vision Sensor Software for Glue Bead Inspection
  Confirms Insertion of Shadow Masks into CRTs
ZX-L-N Series Smart Sensor (Laser Displacement Type)
  Identifies Package Inserts
ZFX-CD Vision Sensors with Code Reading Function
  Food Factory's Hot-Water Valve Control
E5AR Digital Controller
  Detects the Width of Rubber Sheets
ZX-LT030 Smart Sensor (Through-beam Laser Type)
  Wafer Process Data Logging
CJ1W-SPU01-V2/CS1W-SPU0_-V2 Storage and Processing Unit
  Cut Position Detection for Labeler
FQM1-MMP22 Motion Controller
  Detects the Surface Precision of Steel Plates
ZX-E Series Smart Sensor (Inductive Displacement Type)
  High-precision Detection of Packing Machine Engagement
ZX-E Series Smart Sensor (Inductive Displacement Type)